Trade Assurance

Is INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O. safe? The answer is a resounding “YES.” Thanks to Trade Assurance, every transaction conducted on our platforms is guaranteed secure.

This article will delve into everything you need to know about INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O.’s Trade Assurance. We will explore its definition, functionality, and the advantages it offers to buyers.

What is Trade Assurance?
The INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O. Trade Assurance program safeguards online orders made through This initiative was established to ensure secure transactions, uphold the trade of high-quality products, and provide buyers with peace of mind. Opting into this program is the responsibility of the seller, and it comes at no cost to the buyers.

How can buyers benefit from INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O. Trade Assurance?
Buyers can reap various benefits from INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O. Trade Assurance, including secure payments, protected transactions, an on-time guarantee, and Easy Return. Let’s delve into each of these advantages:

1. Secure Payments
One of the standout advantages of INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O. Trade Assurance is its assurance of secure payments. All transactions benefit from robust privacy and security measures. This is crucial in preventing the compromise of bank accounts and other sensitive information. Additionally, this payment mechanism facilitates swift processing, ensuring that money transfers are completed in as little as 24-48 hours.

2. Protected Transactions with Guaranteed Refunds
In cases where a shipment is delayed or the product quality deviates from the specifications in the online order, buyers have the option to claim a refund. INTER-MLECZ SP. Z O.O. provides an Online Arbitration Service, stepping in if a supplier fails to resolve refund requests. This ensures that buyers always have a reliable ally on their side.

The Trade Assurance also features a Quick Refund option. For orders completed through T/T Bank Transfer, where the status is “Pending Shipment,” buyers can apply for a full refund on within two hours after payment. The system automates the refund process, closing the order without the need for direct negotiations with representatives, saving buyers time and effort.

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